Pizza and the Punk Rocker

Raise your hand if you love pizza! I am so stoked to give you first sneak peek of the first painting in my upcoming series, Pärty Animalz! Can you handle it?!

Taken from a Ramones song, it is entitled “Sheena is a Pizza Rocker” and features a Chapin’s free-tail bat being blessed by a slice of good ‘ol pepperoni pizza. (That’s veggie pepperoni btw!) Below is the time-lapse video of its creation for your enjoyment.

I am so excited for the new series, I even recorded a new song, “Pärty Animalz!” exclusively to celebrate the new series. (A portion of the song is the background music for the time-lapse video) You ready to party? The whole series is dropping October 18th with a special virtual live opening here at the studio! 

Stay Gold and grab a slice,


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