Paintings For All: Inclusive and Accessible

I love it when my artwork finds its forever home and it’s important to me that art be accessible to everyone. If you love one of my paintings, I want you to have that painting in your life! When you find a painting you love, just let me know over how many months you’d like to spread out the cost, and I’ll do the rest. Once the cost of the painting has been paid, it will be yours to bring into your home. This is interest free and I do not add a surcharge to the cost of your painting.

I gladly accept installment payment plans for all original paintings. I am super flexible about payment plans because I want my work to be affordable and so it’s easy for you to have more art in your life! Payment plans can be set for the same amount per month, as low as $50 per month, although I recommend about $100 a month for larger paintings if that’s manageable. We can also flex the payment amounts, if that helps. There’s no interest, but the payments are non-refundable. Payments are made by PayPal, Venmo, or check on the same day each month–I can ping a reminder if that’s helpful. Once paid in full, I ship the painting to you! If something happens and you can’t finish payments, I’ll work with you and we will figure out a plan.

Add Sprinkles,


P.S. We’re all reaching for the bitchin pie in the sky. There’s a pretty big slice to go ‘round. Glad it isn’t onion pie. Because word on the street is raccoons do not like onions.

Check out the Bitchin Cherry Pie Has Arrived Timelapse creation video below:

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