My Idiotic Inventions: Strip Cheese

We’ve all been there. Cooking up a delicious veggie burger and waiting for that last moment to slap on a slice of cheese so that it perfectly melts on the burger, but not get runny. It’s a small window, so to speak. But what’s this? Ah BLAST IT! I can’t find the $%#?! edge of the flap of the wrapped cheese slice to open it. Time is a wastin’! Must find the edge ASAP! Veggie burger is getting cold. Still can’t find the edge!

Now there it is. That beautiful veggie burger is practically frozen again. No melting of that cheese slice now. Great. A beautiful day ruined again by the individually wrapped cheese slices!

No more! Enter:

Sloppy Sally’s STRIP CHEESE!

We’ve taken the red strip tab idea from chewing gum wrappers and cigarette boxes and put them on each of Sloppy Sally’s American Cheese slices! No more fuss! No more digging fingernails into your beautiful slice of cheese and ruining your day. No more cold and bored burgers anxiously waiting to ever so slightly melt their cheese! End the frustration right now! One pack of 25 slices for only $25! Quick, order yours tomorrow and receive it yesterday!

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