My First 45!

We grew up surrounding by my Dad’s stereo with Mom’s old 45’s. Many afternoons after school were spent divvying up her collection of 45’s between my brother and I while swapping them on the platter. They had endless scratches that looked like someone had taken a Brillo pad to them. Back in her day, she later told us, she would steal some of her mom’s cigarettes and sneak down to the basement with her best friend listening to the sounds of Mickey and Sylvia, The Coasters, and The Platter. We spun these a bit until one day…

The Human Leagues’ “Keep Feeling (Fascination)” entered our household by way of my older brother. Every afternoon we would spin that 45. I am talking HEAVY rotation. I can still hear those sweet vocal harmonies and buzzing guitars. Oh that scratchy warm sound. Like a cup of hot chocolate with a shot of vodka on a cool night. Drop that arm and you could hear the faint music playing through the needle itself until you pumped up the volume through the tower speakers with a sonic boom! The ultimate!

I gotta know, what was your first 45?

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