My Dad Was In My Dream…

…and in this dream he was about 45 – 50 years old – younger than he is in real life. He was wearing glasses and his hair was black with hints of silver like it used to be when he was that age. He didn’t say anything to me, but just smiled.

Still practicing veterinary medicine to this day, my dad is a determined man who loves the work. Years ago I asked him what his hardest subject was in vet school and without hesitating he said “Chemistry” while laughing. He has told me of various professors that taught tough and one or two that were hard, just to be hard. He made it through. Although he loved animals, he didn’t decide to become a veterinarian until around the age of 28. After he and my mom were married and had my sister. They experience hardships like anyone, but I always loved the fact that they both worked together and supported each other. When he first started his practice, I know there were some obstacles along the way. He first tried to do everything, even large animal work. Eventually he eventually found his niche with small animals.

It is this determination that I think got passed down to me. My story is slightly different, but the passion to see things through and to keep pushing to find what piece I am in the universe has always been there, just like my dad. I look up to him and continually inspired. His passion, determination, love, and support is unending and I am truly grateful and a lucky S.O.B. to have him as my dad.

featured art:
“Black Wolf 2”
acrylic on cradled wood panel
6×6 inches
Interested in this piece? Purchase is here!

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