Louder Love on Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind’

“Is this your work? From a Kai Lin Art in ATL? There’s a clip of it on a show from Netflix. It reminded me of your work, but I wasn’t sure.”

This was the message I received on Facebook from a friend last week. My friend had sent me a couple of screenshot snaps. I saw my artwork in the background immediately! What a thrill!

“That’s my work! What show is this?” I responded.

Someone else close to me who will remain nameless (you know who you are!) had been watching the show and pulled me in to watch when I mentioned my paintings were on an episode of the show.

The show is Netflix’s new realty show (social experiment?)  “Love is Blind”. The paintings featured are “Just a Ghost”“Family Matters”, and “Reengineered”. I will spare you the dirty details of the show, but the premise puts young singles into “pods” where they can’t see one another and sort of speed date. They then talk to each other as if on a date with the final outcome to propose marriage. 

The episodes I did watch were quite entertaining with some outrageous vibes at times, but I really did find the overall concept fascinating. What is involved when we love someone (even something?) Can we look past the visual or in this case, not see the visual at all and still come to a definitive “Yes, I love you”?

I think the show could be more interesting if there were non-traditionally “good-looking” people involved. Or maybe even set up to where the viewers couldn’t see some of the people. Or they wore scary masks.

My point is in direct connection to my work and what I express with my paintings as a whole. Should certain animals be saved only because they are “cute and cuddly”? Or can we educate and save the “ugly” creatures too? Are they not worthy of saving or of love? The wallflowers, the freaks, the weird-os, and the outcasts are all just as important as the swans, the kings and queens of the proms, and the star quarterbacks and all are worthy of love. Right? So What do you think-is Love Blind?

Gotta get back to the studio!

Stay Gold,


p.s.  My work is featured prominently in episode 9 during the bachelor party. These 3 pieces happen to be available if you would like to own a piece of Netflix history and celebrate the blinder love of love! 🙂 Hit the screenshot to view all 3 pieces. Maybe  I should pitch a show where collectors purchase art by only hearing the artist talk about the work and never seeing it. Hmmm….

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