Louder Love All Over The World Tour! Next Stop: Kent, U.K.

The world is celebrating the louder love of animals once again. Completed this kola and kangaroo pair over the summer for a new collector in England. These drawings are going in the collector’s kid’s room. They told me their kid was born in Australia and loves animals and drawing. They loved the understated style of my drawings and commissioned me for these wonderful animals. I was happy to oblige. First time drawing a kangaroo and first time drawing on size A3. I am thankful to provide inspiration and beauty for their kid and to have made this connection!

I love that collectors are celebrating animals with my work all over the world. It feels like a family to me. To know that people from many walks of life, in different countries, and sometimes speaking a different language can appreciate the universal language of love. The love of animals. In this way we can all come together even if on different continents.

If you are interested in having commissioned piece or pieces by me, simply reach out and let’s get the ball rolling!

Did you know? Kent was one of the first British territories to be settled by Germanic tribes, most notably the Jutes, following the withdrawal of the Romans. Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, the oldest cathedral in England, has been the seat of the Archbishops of Canterbury since the conversion of England to Christianity that began in the 6th century with Saint Augustine. Rochester Cathedral in Medway is England’s second-oldest cathedral. Located between London and the Strait of Dover, which separates England from mainland Europe, Kent has been the setting for both conflict and diplomacy, including the Battle of Britain in World War II and the Leeds Castle peace talks of 1978 and 2004.

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