Louder Love All Over the World. Latest Stop: Luxembourg!

The world is celebrating the louder love of animals once again. Gorilla 1 (featured image) is headed to the tiny, yet stunning country of Luxembourg to a new collector. Honestly I had to look up Luxembourg on my map. I knew it was in Europe, but wasn’t exactly sure where.

I love that collectors are celebrating animals with my work all over the world. It feels like a family to me. To know that people from many walks of life, in different countries, and most likely speaking a different language can appreciate the universal language of love. The love of animals. In this way we can all come together even if on different continents.

Gorilla 1 is a painting from my “Vanishing Silhouettes” series. This series goes back to the year 2016 and many of the paintings have a graphic quality. These paintings reflect the vigor of nature and its persistence to survive. The bright and bold colored drips fade against the stark black background prompting evocative notions of what it means to exist.

Stay gold,


Did you know? The country’s name originated from the Lucilinburhuc (“little fortress”) castle bought by Siegfried, count of Ardennes, in 963 C.E., which marked the foundation of Luxembourg.

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