Lil’ Clawz

Have you ever been so excited about something you just couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone? Maybe a promotion at work? Or finishing a great book or movie? How about the latest album from your favorite band? Everyone in your corner simply must know about it!

Well I just couldn’t help myself. I am so excited about this mini launch I just had to let you know as soon as possible… duh duh DUH! Surprise! Lil’ Clawz is officially live for you only! That’s right, no one else besides me and my wife have seen these. (Not even Doc!) Dinosaurs and fun snacks are the theme for this collection and I’ve got you covered! From pizza to cheese puffs, these paintings will be sure to tickle your funny dinosaur bone. These high textured, bold color, fun loving paintings are ready to fill your life with whimsy and pop!

This series of lil’ T-rex’s is going public and installing up at local hotspot favorite, Buvez! on Monday to help celebrate their dining room opening for the first time since the lock down.  They will be up until the end of July and you can claim yours right now. I think that cheese puff one may be the first to go. nom nom nom nom…

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