Letters To the Universe: Cork Floors

Dear Cork Floors,

Thank you for the years of insulation and protection you have given us over the years. I remember the day I ripped up the disgusting carpet hoping to reveal beautiful hardwood floors, but instead, 40 year old subfloor was the only thing exposed. My search to put down new flooring began.

I had considered bamboo, laminate and even expensive hardwood. While researching “green” options I came across your specifications. You were sustainable, easy on the posture and your visual appeal was nothing shy of stunning. My decision was made: my hard earned money would go to you.

Installation went without too much trouble. Your tongue and groove interlocking system provides a sealed seam to prevent moisture and other unsavories to seep underneath and thus destroying the subfloor foundation.

Unfortunately the craters that have formed over the years of use are quite disturbing. I say years, but in some places, the wear and tear craters formed just months after installation. Yes, we have many rescue dogs and cats. However, said animals saved their digging and clawing for the backyard. Nay, I attribute the wear and tear craters to a poor product in general. Some of the areas are so bad, I thought we were living on the dark side of the moon. I am not sure cork floors were the right fit for us after all. It’s not you, it’s me. But it’s really you. Your 25 year commitment turned out to be a sham too.


Will Eskridge

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