Firestarters and Firestokers: Let’s Talk About Change

The only constant is change. Words to live by, whether you want to or not. Here in Georgia, it seems we’ve finally seen the last of old man winter. Spring is here and I have welcomed it with open arms. This past week has been so beautiful. I’ve been working on projects outside and will soon be moving my easel outside to grab some Vitamin D while placing pigments on substrates. 2015 has been a myriad of changes for me. Since I left the desk job doldrums of graphic design back in the middle of December, it has been a roller coaster of changes. Ups and downs of course, but overall a fantastic ride. I have been making changes in my artistic approaches: stylistically, materials and even my time management. With painting, I’ve moved to more loose painting techniques with gestural mark-making and expanded my palette to allow a broader spectrum of colors. In regards to materials, I’ve been revisiting and exploring other mediums including sculpture and film. These projects keep me well-rounded and always have a profound affect on my main passion which is painting. There’s always something to take from each medium and put into the other. Some of these projects are somewhat secret at the moment while I work out the kinks. I am slowly releasing them as you will see, similar to the changing season.

The one thing that change doesn’t affect is my overall idea behind my art which has ironically always been about change. Whether it be new to old or nature to modernization. From my old landscapes to vintage beach houses, from my series of modern portraits painted from discarded vintage photographs to my current work of animals in modernized environments, my work has always been about the ever-changing world and how we all strive to live content lives. Now take a moment, step outside and get some Vitamin D!

“Springtime for Polar Bear”
oil on wood
© 2015 Will L. Eskridge

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