In Doubt? Go Big!

Will Eskridge mural

Well howdy there animal and art friend! This year has started off big. I am painting a custom mural on our garage.

My wife and I were discussing what to do with the big boring door on the garage. I proposed to her that I paint a custom mural that cherishes our family. Instead of mulling over a paint chips at the home store, why not paint a truly unique mural that brightens our mood every day and celebrates our little family. She agreed and trusted me to “do my thing”. 

Even though it is for our own home, I have treated it just like any other mural job. Even down to showing my wife digital mockups for her to approve. We settled on teal as the base color with depictions of a great blue heron (her spirit animal), a wolf (for our son whose middle name is Wolfgang), and of course a bat (for me). There are rays of energy connecting them all just like our planet. The mural shows off our louder love of animals while celebrating our own family. I can’t wait to show you when it is finished!

So do you have a garage door, room, or office that could use a celebration?

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