My Idiotic Inventions: Hard To Touch Case

Say goodbye to the touchscreen! Aren’t you tired of the swiping, the pinching, gesturing and in general touching the screen of your portable device? Long for the days of accomplishing tasks with just the bush of a button? Let’s get the screen back to what is should be – just a screen!

Introducing MII’s “Hard To Touch” smartphone case! The Hard to Touch smartphone case is a 3 panel foldable case that assigns hard button controls to your distraction contraption. Connecting via bluetooth technology, the Hard To Touch case puts tried and true push buttons back in control! Get that gunky funk off of your screen and back on to where it belongs – on buttons! A full size QWERTY keyboard is provided on the right hand panel. The left hand panel is assigned to your smartphone’s icons and is completely customizable. Swipe Left, Swipe Right, Swipe Up and Swipe down hard buttons are all provided as well as Zoom In and Zoom Out. Works for all approved apps for both Google Android and Apple iPhone*. A mini usb outlet is provided for easy charging. Made from all natural rubberized kevlar, this innovative case will protect your zombie machine up to a 100 foot drop.  Don’t miss out, only a few of these left in stock! Order now for just 365 daily payments of .99 cents!


*may or may not work with all approved apps

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