My Idiotic Inventions: Barefoot Souls

It’s a rocky road out there. So why do you want to damage your feet running around barefoot? You say, “But Will, shoes and socks are too constrictive! I want to run around outside and feel the freedom of barefootin’!”

In this day and age, you’ve got to be careful. There’s broken glass, rusty nails, shards of rock and even cacti! The newest invention by MII is here to the rescue:


These revolutionary shoes give you the freedom of going barefoot out in the world while protecting your feet from the dangers of that world. Barefoot Souls have got you covered while being uncovered. The top layer is made from all natural and organic hydrophilic rubber which reacts to your skin’s sweat to adhere to the bottom of your feet. The middle layer of space-age composite shock-absorber foam keeps your joints and bones safe. (No more shin splints!) The bottom layer of reinforced bullet-proof kevlar has all the protection in the world*.

One pair of Barefoot Souls for just $589.00. Order now to get free shipping!


* DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE FOOT. Although Barefoot Souls guarantee 99.99999999999999% protection of all natural outdoor world obstacles, MII can not guarantee protection against a gunshot to your foot.

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