I Believe In You

One of the best parts of my work as an artist is getting to send out works of louder love into the world. Every time a painting makes it home I know that you believe in me and our journey to connect and celebrate outcasts in our motley crew. 

Ice Cream, You Scream (featured below) was recently claimed by an outcast collector in the wonderful city of Charleston, South Carolina. This massively popular painting will bring years of fun, camaraderie, and downright joy into their home.

As outcasts it can be a bit strange and at times challenging to feel connected to the world (possibly more so now during these strange times). Much of the work I do as an artist is all about understanding and connection. Because this is how we stay united. By listening. By recognizing our similarities and accepting our differences.

Sending out louder love also gives us hope for this kooky world – that the world is growing together to embrace weirdness, awkwardness, and the strange. All with good reason! Weird is good!

You believe in me. I believe in you. We believe in the world.

Stay weird,

p.s. Be sure and check out another ice cream fan favorite below. Snap it up before it melts away!

Primal Ice Cream! alligator ice cream sandwiches painting

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