Hearts on Fire

Love is the most powerful emotion anyone can experience. It is a combination of a variety of scientific and metaphysical phenomena. There are many planes and levels of intensity that define different states of love. The ancient Greek used 7 words to define these different states:

Storge: natural affection, the love you share with your family.

Philia: the love that you have for friends.

Eros: sexual and erotic desire kind of love

Agape: this is the unconditional love, or divine love

Ludus: this is playful love, like puppy love or flirting.

Pragma: long standing love. The love in a married couple.

Philautia: the love of the self

Although love is an emotion hard to truly explain, one thing is for sure, you know it when you experience it and you know when you don’t experience it.

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spray paint on aluminum
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