Let’s Finalize This Whole Ordeal

Timid, but happy to finalize this whole ordeal, mom snatched the remover out of dad’s hand. Dad gave what seemed like a stereo instructions worth of directions to mom on how to use this seemingly simple device. Her eyes sort of glazed over as she nodded her head. 

Mom gently set the remover under the first staple in dad’s head. With a steady hand and some possible subconscious irritation, she firmly squeezed the lever. “CRRRRRUUUUUNCH!”

“YEOOOOOOOOOW!” My father yelped. “Good lord, Lynn! It shouldn’t hurt, what’s going on up there?! Did you do it like I told you?”  

“Yeah, I – oh wait…” Upon further examination, mom realized the staple was still embedded and actually bent further into dad’s noggin. Possibly with the aide of too many instructions, she had the remover mistakenly upside down driving the staple further into dad’s poor skull. Oh the hilarity! Quickly, she corrected her grip and safely removed all of the staples. I’m still not sure, she didn’t do it on purpose – ha-ha!

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