Have You Seen the Latest Mural?

Have you seen the latest mural that I have completed? Echolocate Your Heart is the 13th “loaf” in the Confectionery Outcasts series. It was revealed during the live Instagram opening for the series just over a month ago. Well if you missed it you can see it here. To boot, I have included a full time lapse video of its creation right here just for you! (scroll to the bottom for the video)

This piece came to me as a way to celebrate our little family. The shed is located out near our bat viewing area. The concept was to honor this area with some fun and humor. The donuts represent Doc, Marie, and myself. A chocolate glazed vanilla donut with sprinkles symbolizes all the fun and youth of life, so that one goes to Doc. Marie loves blueberries and lemons, so hers is a blueberry donut with lemon glaze, and then mine is the classic “Homer” donut with pink sugar glaze since I’m kind of into classics of all things. 

You may notice there isn’t any gold in this piece and that’s because the gold paint I purchased was just not up to snuff. It couldn’t hold a flame to the real thing and so I decided to just go with my heart and open up a new door with a fun solid aqua color. 

What’s your favorite part? Do you have a space you would love to celebrate your family with a mural?

1 thought on “Have You Seen the Latest Mural?”

  1. Hi Will.
    I work for Family Connection-Communities in Schools as the Neighborhood Leader for Whitehead Prosperity Zone. I am looking for an artist to help with a public arts mural project in the Whitehead Zone. The theme is going to be an enchanted forest. I have secured funding from the Athens Cultural Affairs Commission and have made plans with Broderick Flanigan to help with the mural. However, I would like to explore the option of having you come on board as well. I need to secure additional funding anyway, and want to know if you would be interested in a working on the project as well. I really like your artwork and style. Your interest and experience with painting animals would be an asset to the project.
    Please contact me.

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