Have You Ever Been Kicked To the Curb?

We feast at night. ONLY at night. We weren’t invited to the party, so we threw our own. The holy trinity of confections is being celebrated this evening and you are invited to the shindig. 

Were you ever kicked to the curb? The last picked in the school yard? That doesn’t happen here. Not in our world. All are welcome. The freaks, weirdos, leftovers, rejects, uninvited, and the outsiders. We are not devils, but we are cursed. Cursed for being what we are. But stay gold, we won’t let them tear you down.

Here you can celebrate. You can fly your flag without judgement. Let’s all bust out the donuts, pies, and cupcakes because it’s a party and the party is on!

The Holy Trinity is a traditional triptych piece (3 panels each measuring 12×24 inches) and is not for everyone. This piece is only for the person who stays true to themselves. It is for the person that doesn’t back down. It is a reminder to never forget who you are deep down and to let that shine. Celebrate those curses and you shall be saved.

Stay gold and let’s party,


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