Ghosts in the Studio

There are many ghosts that float around in my studio that haunt before, during, and after I work. Past art professors’ critiques, praises, advice, show acceptances, show rejections, and inspiring quotes. Some good, some not so good. There are haunts from the physical objects in my studio as well like my art books, paint shavings, random tools I have had for years, my favorite brush, and past paintings that give me one hell of a time refusing to be “finished”. 

One of my favorite haunts is of the physical realm. It is the How To Draw… art books that were my dad’s in college. He gave them to me many years ago. He once told me he was in awe of my talent and passion as he himself wanted so bad to draw well. Not as a passion or career, but he was astonished with what an artist could to with pencil and paper. He said he tried and tried, but never could get the hang of it. I wish to god I could find a sketchbook of his or even just a couple pieces of notebook paper that he may have tried drawing a dog or animal. He never threw anything away, but I assume he trashed anything he created out of disappointment. 

However, it gives me unmeasurable joy that he was able to see my accomplishments as a working artist, living my dream. I am honored and humbled to have opened his eyes more to the crazy world of art (dying my hair purple at 17 was just the beginning, haha!) Be sure and check out the photo of the books below.

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