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Five For Friday: The Gorilla

1. How’s Your Reach? A gorilla’s arms are longer than its legs. When they “knuckle-walk” they use the third and fourth digits of their curled hands to support their weight.

2. What Did You Say? These primates are highly intelligent; having been known to utilize a variety of methods of communication including sign language. Koko, a captive gorilla and one of the most famous, had been taught sign language all her life. By the ripe old age of 40, she could sign 1,000 signs and understood about 2,000 words in English. Gorillas also can and will use simple tools. Some have even used a stick to test the depth of a pond before wading in it.

3. Don’t Drink the Water. Gorillas generally don’t need to drink water from rivers or lakes. Their diet (primarily plants, berries and fruit) and the morning dew provides all the moisture they need.

4. The Nose Knows. Their noses have unique noseprints, similar to fingerprints, and can be used to identify one another.

5. All In The Family. Sharing about 98% of humans’ genes, gorillas are our closest living relatives (right after chimpanzees and bonobos).


featured art:
“The Tides They Are Changing”
acrylic and latex paint on canvas
72 x 48 inches

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