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Five For Friday: BATS!

1. Pollinators. Many bats are nectar feeders and thus are important pollinators. They are extremely important to ecosystems throughout the world.

2. One Pup. Like humans, twins are not unheard of, but bats typically only birth one pup. Unlike humans, the birthed pup weights about 25% of the mother’s weight.

3. Hibernation, Migration or Torpor. To survive the winter some species of bat migrate, others hibernate, and yet others go into torpor (regulated hypothermia that can last from a few hours to a few months).

4. True Flyers. “Flying Squirrels” are amazing, yet they are gliders. Bats are the only living mammal that can truly fly (able to launch into flight from a still position).

5. Rabies? One of the biggest myths about bats, is that they all have rabies. This is simply false. Bats are mammals, so it is possible for them to develop the disease, however most do not have rabies. Unfortunately they are the most common cause for animal to human transmission according to the CDC. Bats are not aggressive and avoid humans. Most bat bites occur when someone is attempting to handle a bat with bare hands. Like my mamma used to say, “If you go looking for trouble, you’re gonna find it” In all seriousness and just like with any wild or unfamiliar animal, observe from a far and never approach a bat or attempt to “wrangle” it. For more information on bats and preventing rabies visit: as well as:


featured art:
“The Bat”
cyanotype solution, graphite on arches hot-pressed paper
11 x 14 inches

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