Five for Friday: It Ain’t Gonna Happen

Top 5 Reasons I Can’t Do a Five for Friday today:

1. Portrait Commissions. I have pet portrait commissions that I am working on at the moment and they need to be done ASAP.

2. Work for Restaurant. 24 hours remain for me to finish 3 oversize paintings for a restaurant. Jack Bauer, eat your heart out.

3. New Body. As I have progressed my style a little further, it is slightly different than my previous work so I need to work on more pieces to build a cohesive body of the newer work to send to galleries.

4. Sculpture in the Works. There are some sculpture projects that I have had on my list for far too long and have been unattended. I’ve got the clay, mesh wire and tools. It’s all sitting there. Right there in front of me. The concept floating in my mind for months. And I haven’t been able to start it. Well it’s Friday, damn it and it’s gonna start today. Because if not today, then when? Who’s with me? Can I get a “Hell Yeah!”?

5. How’s the Weather? Buddha, have mercy! Have you noticed how awesome the weather has been this week? (well at least in Athens) It rained, nay, it poured last week. Not just a couple of days or afternoons. It was a monsoon. Every. Single. Day. Including the galdern weekend. Yeah, I’m gonna get outside today. Probably pull the easel outside. Go for a run or walk with the dogs. Something OUTSIDE.

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