Essential Sleep: This Vibrant Bat Is Not A Morning Person

All pistons have been fired and I am working on about 2 cylinders out of a 6 cylinder engine. After about 2 hours of semi-sleep or micro naps (that’s a deep cut reference from the Nightmare on Elm Street remake from 2010), we somehow all managed to make it through the day. This week was suppose to be a bit of down time from last week’s big release. Unfortunately our son Doc, aka The Wolfman, has been plagued with an relentless chronic cough. Day AND night. Vampire’s coffin at night had turned us into Zombies by day.

Sleep deprivation and exhaustion got me thinking more about this piece, Rise and Shine. I painted it immediately after being inspired by the early pink cloud sunrises we have been having the last few weeks as fall takes hold. You see, this bat is not used to those early U.V. rays. Not in the slightest. I am definitely crepuscular on the verge of nocturnal. I have witnessed only a handful of sunrises my entire life. Sunsets are definitely my jam, but I have been waking up in the wee hours of dawn to help get Doc ready for school so he can ride with his mom and my lovely wife, Marie. 

As I stared in awe at the peachy pink singed clouds hovering over our backyard, I heard all the birds start their morning chorus. A distant rooster started to loosen his ritualistic croak. The ants began their morning march. My mind shifted to the ones going dormant. My favorite, creatures of the night, began to settle down. Opossums, bats, and raccoons would now rest their bodies in their beds for the sunny day. And I followed suit for another hour. Because this bat is not a morning person. 

There is a wonderful symbiosis to our entire world that truly moves me. As one sets, another rises. Infinitely. Dusky bats turn into early birds. Late night cheesecake desserts morph into donuts and cinnamon rolls for the morning commute. It often behooves us to try something new and to examine the other side. Even just for a glimmer.

Be the donut you want to see in the world,


P.S. Fangs for the Memories is out now and every piece is on my website. Catch some of the highlights below and sink your teeth into all of the pieces right here.

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