Elements: What is Line?

A documented distance between two or more points, line is one of the basic elements of art. It is a point that moves.

Line can indicate movement, both slow and fast. Line can control the viewer’s eye. It can outline edges to describe a shape. Used in multiples, line can be used to create pattern and movement.

The quality of a line refers to its thickness. Varying the thickness within the same line can be used to create form of the object. The quality of line can be used to project boldness, simplicity, expression, fragility, softness, texture, spontaneity, gracefulness, etc.

The variations in line are quite endless. I personally prefer aggressive and “heavy-handed” line, usually in multiples to create a sense of fast movement and depth. However, some of my work has also featured simple contoured lines to create a softer and passive emotion.

In this post’s featured art, where do you see line and how is it used?

featured art:
“In Eclipse 3”
acrylic on canvas
20 x 16 inches
Add this to your collection today!

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