Dream Painting

If you could commission any painting just for you, what would it look like? What animal (or animals) would you want as the main subject? How does it make you feel? What colors do you see? How big would it be? Where in your home would it hang? What reaction do guests comment when you are entertaining?These are some of the fun questions that cross my mind before creating custom artwork. Custom pet portraits are one of my favorite subjects to paint, but you might not know that I create other custom paintings. I am currently working on a triptych commission of three different lions. I have even painted custom house portraits for new home owners and landscapes where couples proposed for collectors. These are truly one of a kind custom paintings that tell the collector’s unique stories and commemorate these beautiful and fun life experiences.There are currently a few spots left to book a custom painting before I close them. Is there a special occasion you would love to commemorate with a unique custom painting? Send me a note and let me know what you are thinking. I would love to create a special work of art for your home or office!

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