Donuts Will Save The World

Bless this cursed creature, for it is a saint of the weirdos, the freaks, and the outcasts. The great confectionery god sends down a donut to save the world for this creature as it can not help but be what it is.

Sometimes you journey through your days wishing for something good to happen. It can feel like the world is tearing you down when all you are doing is trying to survive the day and working for the weekend. 

More times than not we outcasts are looking down and not up to the heavens. Little do we know that right above us there is often a gift from above as the light shines down from the sun. From the moon. And from the stars.

Grab that big chocolate donut above your head, take big bite. Go ahead. Don’t worry, there are more donuts coming to you. Each one is better than the last. No one can touch you when you are true to yourself. Celebrate your curses and you shall be saved.

Stay Gold and always add sprinkles,


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