Getting Dandelions Stuck Between Your Toes

While deciding on where to go for our family vacation this summer, Marie and I wanted to make sure we went somewhere with great outdoors. Doc has also been begging to go on a plane to visit somewhere (anywhere!) outside our surroundings. Marie and I thought long and planned hard no where to visit for a family vacation. The one area we kept coming back to that met everyone’s wants in our brainstorming was out west. We are excited that we will be taking the Wolfman to Wyoming and Montana to visit the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone in just a few weeks.

Getting outside is imperative to a healthy constitution. One of my favorite experiences is walking outside barefoot at sunset to catch the foraging bats, or the blue-tale skinks in the morning, or listening to the woodpeckers during the day. (getting dandelions stuck between your toes!) Sometimes I even take my easel outside and paint in the backyard to get natural sunlight (and vitamin D) The outdoors is also where I receive endless inspiration. I grew up with a love for the outdoors through hiking and camping with my family and friends. 

My dad took the family to Yellowstone way back in ‘07 and I am stoked to be returning with my own family. In anticipation of the upcoming trip I have a small batch of brand new stash boxes painted just for you. Up on deck is a Bison, Coyote, Bighorn Sheep, and Bear. These are all painted on some wonderful and rustic cigar boxes that make amazing gifts for the fathers, whoever they may be, in your crew.

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