Did Dinosaurs Eat Ice Cream?

The single eye of a long forgotten dinosaur barely creeped above the horizon of the swampy blackish green water. Excited, we slowly drove past the pond. The eye never once blinked and stayed on us as we drove away.

We snacked on ice cream bars with the southern heat beating down as the sun set. Once we noticed one alligator’s eye, we noticed a few other “mountains” of eyes in the pond idly waiting to reveal the scaled body of a full creature, ready to chomp down on some dinner.

As much as I was eager to head back to the beach house to play charades, I didn’t want to tear away from my amazement of gazing at these stunning creatures.

And it was natural. They were there in the environment with us. They were in their environment and we were just carefully observing. What a wonderful experience.

That night as I laid in bed, the soft push and pull of the ocean’s tides serenading us to sleep, I thought to myself “Did Dinosaurs Eat Ice Cream?”

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