Cursed Since Birth

Did you know that strawberry cake with cream cheese is my absolute favorite cake? I used to bake these all the time in college. Back then I remember telling a new friend that I loved baking cakes and they were humorously disappointed, laughing, when I busted out the Duncan Hines box from Kroger. Even though it was a 99 cent mass produced premix, I took pride in mixing, baking, and frosting that cake. I love cake so much I even included the act of baking one as a main plot line in one of my art school claymation films way back when. Whole cakes were devoured within one week easily, almost without enjoyment. If I am going to indulge, why waste it so quickly? Eventually I learned the errors of my ways after this incident with my friend and have made cakes (and frostings) from scratch over the years.

These days I savor and space out my sweets, taking my time to enjoy with moderation, because the devil is in the details. Neither the cake nor the snake are inherently evil. Cursed since birth, they can not help who they are and neither should be approached foolhardily.

Destroyer of venom, the King Snake maintains the order of nature. Fulfillment of dreams, the strawberry cake with cream cheese icing celebrates the order of pleasure. Both are tempting as they taunt.

Which is worse, the temptation or the vice itself?

Stay Gold and Have a Slice,


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