Curiosity and the Mix Tape

Lately my son, Doc (The Wolfman) has been fascinated with obsolete technology. It’s not that he understands that it is obsolete, but it’s because they tend to be so mechanical. He is curious about opening and closing things. The ka-chunks, the clicks and the clanks. The whirring of spinning wheels and gears. I liken it to the father in Gremlins. An inventor who is fascinated with how things actually work. It is utterly amazing watching him figure things out on his own (with a bit of guidance from me). He is like a mad scientist.

His latest craze is cassette tapes. I grew up on these babies and I am happy to pass this infatuation to my son. Hitting the pause button just enough so it still played but just a bit fast. My brother and I would record us telling jokes to each other. And you know what came next. That’s right: mixtapes. So. many. mix. tapes. Hours upon hours were spent carefully curating and crafting mix tapes for significant others, friends, and siblings. And that geometric primary color schemed Memorex design is emblazoned in my brain. And what’s that? The cassette is clear so you can see all of the tape? Oh boy, now that is revolutionary!

Raising a kid is not like anything I could have ever imagined. There are some tropes that you see in the movies and television for sure, but watching him and guiding him through discoveries is simply mind blowing. I love that he has these curiosities and he clearly already has the determination to figure the world out. I am doing my best to show him the ropes and understand and care for the world around him with as little injury (either physical or emotional) to him as possible. But we all know it is a crazy world out there and there are going to be skinned knees. How did we ever survive? I look forward to making my first mix tape for him. 🙂

Stay curious,


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