Coming Up Empty Handed

I tried, I really did!

I have been racking my brain on what to write to you, but I’m leaving for Wyoming and Montana for a week with my family today. I really wanted to get you a super cool message about my 3 recent toe surgeries, but just couldn’t get to it. I have been busy this week finishing up a mural, a new custom table for one of my favorite local haunts, Flicker Theater and Bar, and a bout of a stomach bug (along with The Wolfman). And so time got the best of me. All this being said, I am pleased to share with you a fun illustration I drew up to celebrate my minor toe surgeries, I thought you might dig. It’s called “Toe Bat”.

>>>>>>Speaking of toes, have you ever wondered how bats hang upside down? As in, why they don’t fall while catching some Zzzzzzz’s? It is because they have specialized tendons that lock their toes in place. This allows them to cling to their roosts and not use energy. To release, bats actually have to move their muscles to “unlock” the tendon. Hanging upside down also provides an easier way for bats to take-off for flight. Pretty cool, yeah?

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