Color Theoriesday: A Passion for Purple

In the previous last two color theoriesday posts, I covered some fairly loud colors: pink and turquoise. Today I want to discuss more modest color: purple. Purple is a fairly subtle color, though when mixed the right way can be vibrant and loud. I think this might be why I am attracted to it. It is a pretty versatile color in general. In my paintings, I rarely use pure black. Instead I make a rich mix of Cobalt Blue and Alizarin Crimson to form a deep, dark purple. This dark purple is a great way to get darks and shadows without using the deadness of pure black. Add a little white to the mix and you can use it to cool off highlights or for a contrasting backgrounds for warm-colored subjects.

Purple represents future and relates to the fantasy world. It is a hue for day-dreamers and the imagination. It can also assist those seeking a meaningful life and spiritual fulfillment. Purple encourages sensitivity, compassion, and creative pursuits. The color is specifically associated with royalty to give the impression of luxury and wealth.

In color psychology, purple and violet promote harmony of the mind, contributing to mental balance and stability. Both colors aid the practice of mediation.

What do you think? How does the color purple or violet affect you?

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