Charity Donations

Thank you for your interest in using my work to raise funds for your organization. I’ve enjoyed a long history of volunteering and making contributions to important organizations and charity auctions. Considerable donations in the form of prints, original paintings and other services are made every year. It would be an honor to have my name associated with yours.

Due to a heavy volume of requests, I’ve developed some guidelines that enable me to provide your organization with unique and high-quality items. 

My donation policy is as follows:

  • I shall be listed as a donor in any program or promotional materials (online or print) for your charity event. This will include my name and website address. The organization agrees to provide me with copies of these materials for my records.
  • For auctions, a minimum or reserve price will be designated by me.This will ensure consistency with the value of artwork for existing collectors and galleries.
  • The organization agrees to complete and return a donation receipt within 2 weeks following the event.
  • In the event my donation does not sell, the organization agrees to return any unsold artwork within 2 weeks following the event.
  • Two complimentary tickets will be presented to the donors.

Please remember that on my end, current U.S. tax laws are unfavorable to artist donations and there is little to no write-off for artwork. As such, I have an annual cap for all donations and may have already reached my limit by the time you contact me.

If these terms are agreeable and you would like to be considered further for a donation, please contact me with more information about your charity and I’ll see what I can do!

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