Bring The Outside In

Transition: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

The loud crackle of a fallen leaf drew my ears and eyes to the ground. I stopped immediately to cautiously investigate. My son (strapped into the hiking backpack) even uttered an inquisitive “Guh-Guh!” while pointing over my shoulder. I slowly knelt down to try and make out any kind of an animal that was potentially hiding. 

My son and I have been hiking quite a bit lately. We usually see a few different animals while on the trail and it is such an invigorating feeling. It makes me feel reconnected with the earth when I witness and hear the flap of a great blue heron’s wings after wading in the pond or the scurrying feet of a chipmunk running into a fallen tree. Being outside like this helps me turn off the stresses and worries for a bit. It is much like meditation for me. I feel refreshed and charged for the day. 

The transition from outside to inside can be curious. One can feel so free when out in the wild and very tethered while inside 4 walls. The transition can be a shock. However, after a hike and I am behind the easel bringing the outside inside, I feel just as free as I am on the trail. My brush carving it’s own trails, letting the colors pierce the canvas like sun rays through the trees… 

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