Tools of the Trade & Other Useful Resources

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Red Bridge to Oakland

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Mr. Furley Dog

Walk, Don’t Run

Around here in the Athens, GA area it looks as though winter has finally pulled up a chair and is going to stay a while. I just got back from a brisk walk with our dog Mr. Furley (named after Don Knotts’ character on Three’s Company) I’ve been doing this ritual for just under a

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Will Eskridge outside painting art

Outside Painting

Back from a whirlwind of travel visiting family for the holidays. After a day’s break of playing Super Mario Bros., eating leftovers and watching some movies on Netflix, I brought out my art supplies and had an all day painting session outside. It was quite refreshing! The sun was just right and the dogs and

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Head_On gouache painting Will Eskridge

The Great Divide

As I sit patiently on our back deck this strangely warm morning, trying to capture our backyard wildlife for reference, I’m reminding of our modern habitat. Squirrels, blue jays and chickadees are foresting through our mini-ecosystem on one side while the sounds of cars rushing and planes overhead echo from the front yard. A divide of

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Otter oil painting animal artist Will Eskridge

Otters and Wolves

Gearing up for my solo show at Heirloom, I’ve been focusing on wolves and otters as of late. I’m still brainstorming ideas for what to call the show. Some of my pieces are titled using Latin names of the animal or species that I painted. I think this adds the scientific side of nature to

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