Bats? Why? Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time for FAQ (frequently asked questions). Over the years I have been asked many questions (which I love!) at artist markets, open studios, and gallery receptions. I decided to compile some of the most commonly asked questions with my answers for you! I threw in a couple of others just for fun. Check out the number one question below and others at FAQ.

Why Bats (raccoons, oppossums, snakes, etc.)?

Bats, raccoons, opossums, and more outcast animals are at the heart of my paintings. Although my family is super close, I was a bit of black sheep growing up. My affinity for the underdog began early on as I was subject of being called “weird” and shun for my oddball behavior. My love for bats is linked to taking care of the rejected animals at my father’s veterinary practice. As an outcast myself I quickly developed a connection to misunderstood animals.

Why Donuts? 

Find the answer to this question and many more at FAQ. Don’t see a question you’d like answer? Ask me anything!

Stay weird,


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