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I grew up with a veterinarian as a father and an artist as a mother. Having a father as a veterinarian instilled in me a deep affinity for animals. All the animal companions we took in were rejects from Dad’s practice whom clients had left behind. Helping out at my father’s practice gave me direct behind-the-scenes access into the lives of animals on a daily basis. It is hard to pinpoint an exact time, but I was very young when I slowly realized that animals were not all that different than humans. Time and time again I saw various cats and dogs expressing emotion and feeling beyond basic instinct. Witnessing both happy moments and not so happy moments between owners and pets made me realize the massive impact animals have on humans and vice versa. Some call it energy. Some call it spirit. But we can all agree that there is something connecting us all. To paraphrase: We are not animal beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having an animal experience.

★ Neujahr ★

The new year has opened with great enthusiasm. I have been painting almost everyday and it feels great. I won’t lie – the severe cold has kept a little distance between me and the actual studio in our backyard. But never fear, I purchased a nice tabletop/portable easel that is perfect for indoors when my

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★ Horns of Plenty ★

NOVEMBER 2013 Hallo meine Freunde und Familie! You’ll notice some changes to this month’s newsletter. I’ve decided to change some things around a bit to hopefully keep you all interested and not overwhelmed with info. I’ve dropped the sections and decided to keep the newsletter focused on a single subject or piece of artwork. I’ll

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★ Oktober 2013 ★

“Look Into My Eyes” arcylic paint, spray paint, collage, LED light, pages from old book, mannequin head Part of  Model Citizen’s “Heads Will Roll” auction/exhibit to benefit  Community Connection I made this special MOX by carving out the foam inside the head. I then cut the eyes out and installed a circulating LED. The LED circulates through the

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