Athfest 2015

It was a fantastic weekend at this year’s Athfest. The foot traffic was amazing and non-stop all weekend. Two separate thunderstorms came on Saturday, but my booth was secure and once the rain subsided, people were back out hitting all the booths. I made some great sales, gained some new collectors, reconnected with past collectors and met a tremendous amount of people, all with great compliments and inquiries about my work. It was an honor to have people recognize my work from other shows and locations in town. I was able to answer questions and talk about my work to engaged people. I also got to talk with one of my favorite artists on the circuit. His name is John Fesken and he makes these amazing mixed media pieces that are sort of macabre with a little underlying humor. His works are very cinematic, as if they are fine art stills from old B-movies. Very good stuff. He doesn’t have a website, but he is on a few social networks. Do a google search for his name and you will be pleasantly surprised. What a great weekend!

oil on cradled wood panel

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