Athens-centric Scavenger Hunt for the Whole Family

A few weeks ago, Athens Uncharted and I softly launched an interactive scavenger hunt to the public. We have been working hard on this for about 6 months and finally have released it for you to include in your summer adventures.

ATHVENTURE! is a scavenger hunt of sorts combining education, modern technology and nature. I’ve tried to make this a fun, interactive experience, utilizing this wonderful town of Athens and the technology of the Internet to learn about the natural wildlife of the area and spend time with some of Athens’ finest establishments. Sponsors have graciously donated some amazing prizes for the finalists of Athventure.

I encourage you to get outside and have some fun with your loved ones to experience all that Athens has to offer while learning about native wildlife. It’s completely free to play, so why not?! Hope to see you out and about!

Get started by visiting here!

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