Artist’s Statement

The idiosyncrasies and behavior of animals have long fascinated me. There are secrets to the animals that we, as humans, can not comprehend. These mysteries are not unlike those of the universe. The more that is explored, the more secrets are revealed to be decrypted. Layers cover layers that cover more layers. Science and technology can crack parts of the code and unveil some of the nuances of the unfathomable, but it is only the universe as a whole that understands. We can speculate with scientific knowledge, but no one knows exactly what the animal is experiencing, except for the animal.

In my work, the dichotomy between nature and technology compliment each other. Thick colors are layered to create visual and actual texture like the layers of mysteries behind the animal kingdom. The expressive brush strokes of the animals echo the vigor of nature and its persistence to survive. These loose and vibrant animal depictions contrast with the crisp, edged divisions and basic geometric motifs which mirror the technologically advanced world and beckon the beginning of human’s understanding of the universe.

-Will Eskridge

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