A Taste For All

Ice Cream flavor was a tough one for me to choose as a kid. Baskin-Robbins had no idea what kind of mental torment they were imposing on an indecisive 10 year old. I just could not decide. Vanilla? Eh, we have some at home. Chocolate? Too rich, but maybe. Strawberry is pretty darn good. Ooh what the heck is Moose Tracks? Peanut butter cups AND fudge? Holy smokes. This is the direction I’m thinking. Then you have Superman, Bubblegum, Mint Chocolate Chip which I never cared for, but Mom seems to like. There’s Cookies n Cream, and on and on. Oh and who can forget Butter Pecan? That was dad’s favorite for a long time and I enjoyed this flavor for a long time as well because of this. (later on, Dad switched to Black Cherry, but I wasn’t having any of that) My siblings don’t care for ice cream, and my wife digs the oat milk variety. So many different tastes out there!

In regards to differing tastes among people, my dad would always say, “Well, that’s why they make chocolate and vanilla. And Neapolitan.” 

Mix the ingredients on high,


P.S. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

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