“A Raccoon!” I Blurted Out

One of my most popular pieces, Movie Night, recently took home the Judges’ Choice Award for Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s 2021 All Animal Competition. I am thrilled for this recognition and to share it with you. This is such a fun and beautiful piece from my “Party Animalz!” series. The painting was born when movie and t.v. nights became a regular for us. One night we were watching a particularly tough episode of Survivor in which a certain underdog player was just getting crushed both mentally and physically. I started to think about what animal to represent this player for my next party series. And it popped into my head. “A Raccoon!” I blurted out. Without batting an eye, Marie knew exactly what I was doing and yelled back “Tossing popcorn!” And thus Movie Night! was born.

Stay weird,

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