A Kiss Before Midnight

My recent paintings are inspired by a love for the evening. When all is quiet and everyone else is asleep after a long day, I find myself working late into the evening, but not too late, as I have to get up in the morning to do my job as a state-at-home dad. My day is not complete until I give a kiss to my family before midnight.

Sometimes the moon calls me just before bedtime. No matter how hard of a day I have had, the moon is a reminder that we made it through the day and there is a new day ahead.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a few small paintings (perfect as a gift!) that celebrate family and the evening have just been added the 2020 Winter Collection of Abstracts.

Sit back and relax. All new meditation video for you as I complete a painting in real time. This first one is called a Kiss Before Midnight. 

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