A Face of Athens

I recently had the utmost pleasure of being interviewed by Nabo Realty for their “Faces of Athens” blog. There were some tough and fun questions. Maybe you are curious who my favorite artist is? Or who I would choose to have lunch with (if I could choose anyone dead or alive) Head on over to and check out the interview.

Behind the Scenes

It’s been a minute since I shared some behind-the-scenes footage so I thought I would share this quick time-lapse video. Sometimes custom commissions call for custom made canvases. This is where my years of training and expertise come in. While living in Savannah at the age of 19 way back in good ‘ol 1995, I was quickly taught how to construct a stretched canvas from scratch by one of my painting professors, Patrick McCay. Everything from how to properly use a miter saw to cut the stretcher bars, to gluing and nailing the stretcher bars, to properly stretching the canvas, and finally priming the surface in preparation for working the magic of paint.

I have expanded on this knowledge over the years in a way that has allowed me to build various shapes and sizes. (Like the golden triangle paintings) I have built countless canvases and every time I build one I remember the first time I built one. I take pride in building canvases when needed as this knowledge was passed down to my professor and professor’s professor. Check out the quick time lapse video below to see the magic of stretching a canvas.

What Do You Want for Valentine’s Day?

Also don’t forget today is the last day to order the Valentine’s Day gift box to ensure timely delivery! Every purchase over $250 today comes with free romantic gift wrapping, one free archival print of my Trash Panda Love piece (seen below), and an 8 count assorted Chocolate Truffle Box from Condor Chocolates. Head on over the website to pick out that painting your loved one has been talking about and make this Valentine’s Day a record-breaker!

Stay lovely!
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