A Day Fishing

One of my favorite pieces that hung in our own kitchen for a while is on its way to New York. “A Day Fishing” is one of the last pieces available from my series “Environmental Habits”. This series continues my theme of the push and pull between nature and modernization. It puts animals in surrealistic and modernized environments with square shaped obstacles. The expressive, impressionistic depiction of the animal represents the vigor and tenacity of nature. The animals are juxtaposed with the crisp-edges and high texture of the shapes which represent the organized chaos of an over-industrialized world. Overall the series provokes questions about the relationship between these two forces. I painted this piece when I was going through my “grizzly bear” phase. Most of the series focuses on bears in general and as such has become sort of my mascot. Visit my shop to view more from the series and acquire a piece of art for your space. 

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