5 Ways to Display Art In Every Room

  1. 86 the Formal Grid

Some call it “salon style” or “boutique”. It’s a great way to display a lot of small pieces for those that like a looser style. Start at the center of the wall and move out accordingly using varying sizes of art and prints. Don’t worry about horizontal or vertical evenness, just be sure that the space between the each piece is equal. Since this style of hanging art has the potential to look chaotic, it’s also a good idea to have an overall theme or color for all of the pieces.

  • Turn Negative Space into Positive

Art can used to fill in blank space. You can place art above shorter furniture to fill the space out and to make the furniture feel taller. Especially, if you choose art that has similar tones of the piece of furniture.

  • Frames Need Not Apply

Unless the art is a drawing or other type of piece on paper, you can get a way without frames. Look for art that has simple, gallery wrap edges. Pieces like this can still have a very bold and clean look without the ornamentation of a frame. For a more bohemian feel, search for unmounted canvas paintings with rough edges. This is especially effective with folk-style and lowbrow art.

  • Go Big

Don’t fear size. Going big with art is a fantastic way to make a statement and solidify a room. This can simplify a room too. To boot, one oversize piece can be more economical than piecing together a entire wall of smaller pieces.

  • Trust Your Eyes.

All of this being said, don’t over think it. Less can be more. Certain rooms need certain pieces. Trust your eyes and your gut.

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