3 Lessons my Veterinarian Dad taught Me (Part 2)

Lesson 2.  We Are All In This Together

The sun beat down and the radio was blasting in my 2003 Toyota Sienna. The windows were down as I feverishly drove to get food on my lunch hour. Working as a graphic designer for a sunglasses company, I developed a terrible habit of not bringing my lunches and ate out a lot. I would usually grab some lunch as quickly as possible and then drive to a nearby park to sketch while I ate.

This particular day I had a few other errands I was trying to squeeze in: drop a package off at the post office and deposit a check at the bank. Naturally I was in the proverbial hurry.

As I rounded the 5 way stop amidst the chaos of lunchtime traffic, I noticed an older gentlemen, sweating (and slightly irritated with his current acquisition of an invisibility cloak) on the side of the road with a plastic bag trying to thumb down the fury of zombies driving past for a ride somewhere.

Quickly driving past, My mind paused for a moment, playing mental tennis of the pros/cons of stopping to see if the stranger needed help. But then the words of my father pierced my own zombie-fied brain. “We’re all in this together” he tells me (to this day). It was like Obi-Wan speaking to Luke at the end of Star Wars.

Like a lightning striking with a bolt of realization, I turned the van around and went to pick up the stranger. Turns out he worked at Publix and needed a ride back to work. (This is a whole other story for another time) But suffice to say we had a great conversation even through a language barrier and he got to work on time.

I didn’t make it to the bank nor post office that day, but I did get to eat and I take solace in knowing that I helped someone in need that day. 

Have you ever gone out of your way to help someone? I would love to hear your story!

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