3 Examples of Birds to Inspire You

  1. The Owl – A beautiful and majestic bird of prey, many species of owls have asymmetrical ears located at different heights on their heads. This allows them to pinpoint sounds in multiple dimensions. Stay on Target!
  2. The Penguin – This aquatic, flightless bird care all naturally found exclusively in the Souther Hemisphere. The penguin does not have wingbones, and its wings act more like flippers allowing this tuxedo-clad cutie to swim up to 22 mph (the Gentoo Penguin) Where’s the party?!
  3. The Hummingbird – 320 different species of hummingbird can be found throughout the Americas. Each species has their own different humming sound which is determined by their WBS (wing beats per second) Eat your heart out Dave Lombardo!

featured image:
“Who Are You?”
oil on canvas
© 2015 Will L. Eskridge

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