3 Easy Steps To Your Custom Painting

Holidays are here and custom paintings make the perfect give for loved ones. There are many reasons you would go to an artist for a commissioned painting. Maybe there’s a wall that is begging for a custom size painting. There may be story or memory you might want to celebrate and immortalize. Or there could be a specific color palette you are trying to use to complement your space. (Can’t wait? If you want to get to the steps, just scroll on to the bottom)

Size is the first thing to consider. Is there a specific wall you are planning on hanging the painting? I recommend using painter’s tape to mark different sizes and see what looks best to your eye. This will make it easier to visualize the size and wall from different angles. Here’s a memorial triptych of some fine felines. This collector really liked my bat trilogy paintings and wanted to mimic the same size and concept for their dining room wall. 

The next part to consider is color. Are there certain colors you would like to have included? Are there any colors you would not like to include? It is important to have a photo of the room so I can be sure the painting will look great in your space.
And finally, but not least, the story. Is there a pivotal moment you would like to celebrate? Maybe a funny party where you met your partner? Or simply as a gift to your partner celebrating all the things they love like this Otterplane commission completed as a Christmas gift last year. The client’s partner is big fan of my work, so they commissioned a painting featuring a handful of their obsessions, including otters and vintage Corsair airplane:

There is also this one for a client’s vacation home on the coast that celebrates their coastal eclecticism:

And lastly, a bat biologist client commissioned this large version of Popsicle Daydreams for their recently remodeled home:

Easy As 1-2-3!

1. The first step is we willl start a conversation to go over your needs over the phone, email, FaceTime, or Zoom. We will discuss your ideas: your inspiration, who the painting is for, what animal you want as the main subject, overall colors, where you plan on hanging the painting, and what sizes work best for the space that fit your budget.

2. Next, I will work up a small sketch for you to review and we will meet again to confirm details and size.

3. When the painting is finished, I will send you a photo of the painting for your final approval. The painting is then shipped or delivered. (If you are in the Athens, Georgia area, I will can deliver the painting to you)

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P.S. Do you have a story, memory, pet, or celebration you would like to commemorate with a one of kind custom painting? Let me know. I would love to hear about it!

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